Workshops and lectures



Running workshops is a great pleasure as it is a way of giving something back to society or passing something on to those who may be interested in my methods of work. I test new waters with the workshops I offer. Themes and subjects can be repeated but I am always interested in taking a new approach to achieve a destination set. In this way I can ensure that the work undertaken and achieved is part of an ongoing process in my own work. I want to learn from my workshops and I want the participants to feel and feed from this ambition. As a result, the workshops have an authentic atmosphere, they are not passive, they are interactive and they have real goals. In a workshop, the importance I lay on “process” is clearly demonstrated, the importance of "dialog and communication" can be experienced and enjoyed and the importance of "flexibility and resilience" in order to achieve a goal is lived out.

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I am often asked to give lectures on subjects such as: "Baukultur"Architecture and City planningLight and Lighting designMuseums, Memorials or Executed projects. I always take the opportunity an invitation to speak to work on a new script so that the lecture is tailor made or bespoke for the chosen public. 

Lectures can be prepared to suit expert audiences or the public at large.

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