The giftgarden


To address the importance of societies role in protecting diversity and to provide a platform to discuss the process of climate change I conceived a "vehicle of change" art project titled "the Gift garden" (Start 2002 - ongoing work)

This interactive work addresses the above mentioned issues with the following messages “we are changing our world”, “we are living in Anthropozene times”, “we are responsible for our actions,” “some actions once taken can not be reversed”, “beauty is open to interpretation and can change in its form”. First I drew a cartoon drawing / painting of Rousseau's "Le Reve" in computer, this I printed onto two large canvas's and presented it to the public at different venues, art galleries, empty shops, public streets, town halls, city wasteland sites. The Visitors to the action were invited to bring me “gifts” (in German "Geschenk") and I archived the objects presented to me, every object and person was photographed and listed, as for a museum project.  I then painted the object into the “Rousseau” cartoon / painting and as a result the garden and the painting was changed for ever. I did not know who would bring what or when, so it was also playing with the element of chance. The result is an ongoing work which has the interaction, the fingerprint of all who contributed. It is not just my work it is our work and it is not as yet finished.