The paintings presented in the gallery are a small cross section of the works which can be seen in my studio in Dresden. The oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings have been executed in Germany, either in Berlin or in Dresden. Watercolors and Gouache paintings have often been executed while traveling in France, Italy, Greece or Ireland etc. A more recent development are the series of paintings executed during my time in Cairo presented under the title Oil I - Cairo. 

Subjects vary greatly, however a large quantity of the paintings express thoughts on light, the human disposition, archaic landscapes, architecture, space etc. 

Painting in its action is flowing, wet and sensual. It dries with time. Depending on the medium chosen whether oil, acrylic, watercolor or gouache, the time process varies from the suddenness and immediate quality of water based mediums to the slowness of oil. Water colors for example allow for very little reworking, the stroke is executed and the space is formed, the mood is caught or not. Gouache offers an opaque thickness which achieves space through volume and weight, watercolor is lighter and due to its translucent qualities can be layered to achieve spatial depth and great luminosity

Oil can be reworked, the plastic quality can be exaggerated and sculpted, the smell of oil and turpentine add to the sensual experience.