I always take the opportunity an invitation to speak to work on a new script so that the lecture is tailor made or bespoke for the chosen public. Lectures can be prepared to suit expert audiences or the public at large.

Below is a short selection of lectures held in the past.

• "Literature, architecture and the micromuseum": The art of making exhibitions and the story behind the Erich Kästner Museum in Dresden. University of Regensburg. 2016

• "Light, architecture and urban planning": thoughts on the importance of lighting design as a professional discipline. Light and Building trade fair Frankfurt am Main 2016

• "New lighting technologies and lighting design" : Responsibilities and tasks facing the lighting designer in the coming decades. Street Lighting conference Munich 2016

• "Light leads the way": The psychology and art in creating lighting design concepts for complex buildings such as hospitals. Fire prevention conference, Brandenburg 2015

• "Glass skins": Thoughts on glass facades light and architecture.

• "People need light": The cultural significance of light and architecture.

• "Heart of darkness": Light and literature.

• "Darkness in Literature, Art and Architecture": the role darkness and light plays in literature, art and architecture. "rethinking the night" conference, Island of Kea. 2015

• "The micromuseum": a new museum type for the 21st century.

• "The virtual-museum and its twin sister": new museum concepts.

• "Betonzeitschiene": Using wasteland in the city to tell a story.

• "Thoughts on light in public space": Outdoor-Indoor light, light and color, light animates and defines zones.

• "Dresden, a tale of two cities " Lost architecture in Kästner's semi-autobiogrphical book "When I was a little boy".

• "Developing good city lighting" Increased efficiency through holistic lighting planning.

• "Uniqueness - Every place deserves its own light"

• "Story telling and Designing with Light": ideas and examples for the lighting of streets and public places from the perspective of the lighting designer.

• "The Innovative lighting of urban areas"

• "Light, Man and Space": Universal thoughts on architectural lighting design.

• "Light and color" The correct use of light and color in the design of buildings

• "Lighting Design for conservation areas and buildings": Historical buildings, monuments, squares, the need for a light Masterplan.

• "Lighting design for exhibitions and museums": The perception of light and the correct use of lighting for exhibition architecture and museums.

• "A tale of Light": Festive lecture for the opening of the Thorn Lighting company showroom.

• "It is important to plan light" : Light can be measured and sculpted to suit the requirements, good lighting design is not an accident.

• "City marketing and light / Unique lighting masts for the city of Freiberg": Understanding urban lighting culture and its importance for city marketing,  best practice example Freiberg, Saxony

• "light culture": 20-hour workshop for students with introduction lecture.

• "Mood Rooms": Lecture on the perception and sensation of light colors and lighting effects on the human body and mind.

• "Tuning the Light" / "Seeing the Light": Lighting design lecture for students

• "Light and Life": Lecture, International Symposium for Architecture and Lighting Design students. Light, the spiritual, the psycological and the physiological.

"Light and Word": Lecture on light and poetry, International Symposium for Architecture and Lighting Design students.

• "The hologram facade": Glass facades and the story of the city storage building in Jena.