Interactive Rooms (1995) was concieved during a sleepless night contemplating the simplicity of the message “architecture matters”. I literally woke up in the middle of the night and wrote the draft. Moveable boxes one square meter in size with dancers moving in and out of the spaces, which could be stacked and changed to create a multitude of scenes.  UNIVERSAL ideas and archaic themes such as; How much space does a man require? or how the interplay of man with his built environment affects our interaction with each other, Inside and outside, day and night, light and darkness, safety and risk, communication and non-communication, loneliness and togetherness were all part of the "architecture dance" performed with the boxes by dancers. It was performed in Dresden at the Projekttheater and visitors moved freely through the architecture City/ Landscape and interacted with the dancers. The boxes were examples of a simple architecture, low budget, affordable architecture.

It was my first "microarchitecture" project, indeed a forerunner of the micromuseum projects. The simple question "How much space does a man require?" continued to play a central role in several of my later projects such as the development of the Betonzeitschiene (2003), Museum for the industrial concrete slab housing (Plattenbauten) and the serial modular housing concept "House Evolucio" (2007). Today the refugee crisis reminds us of the actuality and timelessness of the question.