The hand, the mind, the eye, the pencil and the "accepting" paper all working in unison to produce a drawing. Some would say that the heart and the soul should be included in this list. Of course we should not forget the subject, be it an object, a place or a thought, the subject often dictates with which medium one works. To capture the right expression or to tell the right story, like in music where notes can be played by different instruments to achieve different sounds, drawings call for the right instrument to be used, be it a pen, pencil or stick of charcoal. In this way Charcoal "sounds" different to pastel or crayon where color versus black being only one of the obvious difference's. The choice of medium, pencil, crayon, pastel or charcoal eminates a choice in the type of paper used as the receiving medium. Papers varies in color, temperature, texture, surface and grades of reflection, smooth or rough the paper can "sing" or simply put, work successfully with the drawing medium to bring out its innate qualities. Pencils can be hard or soft, various hues of grey's are possible. The white of the paper can be space or volume, the area left untouched by the medium becoming as important as the silences betweens notes in music. Lines and strokes can be hard, pressed with a heavy sure hand into the paper or light and transparent.