Baustelle Deutschland

"Baustelle Deutschland" or "Building Site Germany" is a project I conceived and executed to celebrate the 10 year jubily of the unification of Germany. It took place in an empty shop on the "Hauptstrasse" in Dresden over the 3rd of October holiday weekend in 1999. In the shop I built a wall of glass blocks. Visitors were allowed to take a glass block of their choice and write or draw their own personal comment or thought about the re-unification. They were then asked to place their block in a pre drawn labyrinth on the floor of the shop. They could place it anywhere they liked. In this way the glass wall was taken down and a labyrinth was built. Some participants chose very carefully where to place the block, often reading what the "neighbor" had written before finally placing their statement. I took photographs / poloroids of all participants and pinned their portraits on the shop wall. Hundreds of citizens took part. The action was later integrated in the permanent collection and exhibition of the Historical Museum of Germany in Leipzig.